As a direct result of years of research anddevelopment, ELIS Technologies have revolutionized the out-dated andineffective techniques and technology used today by the leak detectionindustry. By creating a smart technological solution called 3D GPS E-MAPPING. 

3D GPS E-MAPPING is a patent pending, intelligentsystem of specially designed sensors. System autonomously navigates the deviceduring the measurements, gathers spatial readings of the electric field potentialsand GPS coordinates. Data are interpreted by the neuron network and arerecorded in to Elis Blockchain. Creating undisputable prove of the measurement,its parameters and outcomes.   

Every device produced by Elis, has 3D GPSE-MAPPING inside. 3D GPS E-MAPPING fully automates theprocess of monitoring and analyzing data through the use of drone technology,GPS mapping, and AI algorithms.

·        20 years of development
·        Autonomous navigationalsoftware
·        AI interpretation software
·        3D map of electrical field
·        Map of survey with data
·        GPS map with leaks
·        Precise location of leak withGPS coordinates
·        proof of measurement
·        confidentiality of measureddata
·        time stamp of survey onblockchain
·        easier communication withauthorities
·        video of the measurement
·        web application with yourmeasured projects
·        can detect the smallest leak

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