Permanent monitoring system for geomembrane liners.

Permanent monitoring system for new projects capable of performing leak detection surveys on geomembrane liners during construction, post-construction, throughout the operational lifetime, and during the post-operational lifetime of a project.

  • Inspired by ASTM D6747-15.
  • Comes in three versions:
    • Offline eFix
    • Semi-automatic eFix
    • Automatic eFix

Ideal solution for greenfield projects that require leak detection services.

Typical eFix Applications:

  • new tailings ponds
  • new landfills
  • new heap leach pads
  • new evaporation ponds with salt or other deposits
  • new water reservoirs and lakes
  • and beyond



Confidentiality + retention of survey data supported by Blockchain

Saves time and resources

Data logger

Lifetime monitoring for geomembrane

Monitoring up to 24/7

Quick leak

Highly accurate leak measurement

eFix - Permanent monitoring system applications