What it is

Lagoon robot is the only device on the market able to perform measurements on the filled toxic lagoon. Unlike competitors, who have to drain the lagoon prior to the measurements, Elis device can operate in any liquid, be it water, acids or toxic, and is suitable for all manner of environments, such as lagoons, liquid landfills, mines, and water reservoirs. Lagoon robot can perform measurements at a speed of 1 sq meter per second, and can find even the smallest tears in the tested membrane. Lagoon robot provides the most accurate resolution for measuring geomembrane tightness in a liquid environment on the market. eLagoon is equipped with  3D GPS eMapping technology, allowing fully automated monitoring of any liquid toxic environment even with multiple membranes. GPS navigates its measurement root. Results of the measurements are recorded to an immutable record on Elis Blockchain. This device is in accordance with the ASTM– D7007 norm.


Measurement speed 1m2/1 second

Storage of measured data with GPS coordinates + video

Autonomous AI evaluation software

Precision measuring instruments (accuracy to 0.0001 mV) with 4  measuring electrodes

Safety at work – toxic tanks

Elimination of technical personnel (lower costs)

100% information on the measured area thanks to the GPS tracker

Confidentiality + retention of measured data using Blockchain

Ease of robot control

Highly accurate leak measurement on uncovered (bare) waterproofing layers with accuracy to 1cm2

It can measure in any kind of liquid