AI-powered leak location robot capable of performing leak detection surveys on submerged geomembrane liners.

  • Ideal solution for tailings ponds, liquid reservoirs and beyond.
  • Inspired by ASTM D7007-16
  • Generates easy-to-understand survey reports.
  • Survey speed – up to 1 m2/second.
  • Checks the integrity of a fully submerged geomembrane
  • Faster and more precise than ever before – /up to 25 000 square meters in less than 10 hours/
  • Only device on the market capable of performing leak detection on operational tailings ponds and other reservoirs without the need for full drainage


eLagoon can be deployed in almost any (even toxic) liquid environment.


Survey speed of up to 1m2/second

Storage of survey data

AI-powered software

Precision survey instruments

Eliminates exposure to toxins

Reduces human error

Complete survey data due to GPS tracking

Confidentiality + retention of survey data supported by Blockchain

Remote control compatibility

Highly accurate leak detection

eLagoon can perform survey in almost any liquid environment