Introducing the eRex Portable Arc-tester

Material Compatibility:

eRex Portable Arc-tester handles non-conductive materials up to 7 mm thick, such as PVC/TPO/HDPE/LDPE, bitumen, and rubber, meeting diverse industry needs with its versatility.

Portability and Design:

Weighing just 650 grams, the eRex is ultra-light and portable, making it perfect for field use.

Battery Life:

Equipped with a robust battery for over 1.5 hours of continuous operation and built-in safety features to prevent accidental activation. You need more, try eRaptor

Detection Capabilities:

Building on the technology of its predecessor, the eRaptor, the eRex delivers high sensitivity and precise leak detection capabilities. It adheres to ASTM D7953 and ASTM D7240 standards, ensuring reliable performance and integrity in geomembrane installations.

Ease of Use and Durability:

Requires minimal training with its user-friendly interface and is built to withstand tough conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.

Pricing, Warranty, and Support:

Contact our sales team for competitive pricing and comprehensive warranty details. Our support team is ready to assist with any queries and provide maintenance services to enhance the eRex’s performance and lifespan.




Only 600g with probe and metal brush

Quick work

Quick assembly, under 30 seconds

For everyone

Easy operation, visual alarm, safety features.


Integrated USB-C rechargable battery, 2hours of survey

Shock protection

Multi-stage protection with earthing detection


Weld Tester, T-probe, Metal Brush, Grounding Cable

Multitude of uses