AI-powered leak location robot capable of performing leak detection surveys on covered and exposed geomembrane liners.

  • Ideal solution for landfills, evaporation ponds, heap leach pads and beyond.
  • Inspired by ASTM D7007-16
  • Generates easy-to-understand survey reports
  • Survey speed – up to 0,5 m2/second
  • New automated method of leak detection survey
  • Ideal for covered and exposed geomembrane liners
  • Highly efficient
  • Eliminates human error
  • Fully autonomous
  • GPS tracking
  • AI powered
  • Survey depth up to 1 meter

eRover can be deployed on almost any covered or exposed geomembrane liner.


Storage of survey data

AI-powered software

Precision survey instruments

Reduces human error

Complete survey data due to GPS tracking

Confidentiality + retention of survey data supported by Blockchain

Remote control compatibility

Highly accurate leak detection

Survey speed up to 0.5m2/second

Eliminates human exposure to toxins

eRover can perform leak detection surveys on various surfaces: