Months’ work done in days

ELIS leak detection systems are significantly faster and more efficient than any other standard leak detection survey methods. This results in both time and cost reduction for the client.


ELIS created a smart technological solution called 3D GPS eMapping – a patent pending, intelligent system of specially designed sensors. 3D GPS eMapping system autonomously navigates our drones during surveys, gathers spatial readings of the electric field potentials and GPS coordinates. Collected data is then interpreted by neuron network. Hash of the survey can also be recorded on Blockchain, thus providing immutable record of survey for any authorities. All our flagship products (eRover and eLagoon) have 3D GPS eMapping inside.

Risk reduction

Currently we are the only leak detection professionals on the market that can issue survey certificates the authenticity of which can be verified using Ethereum Blockchain.

We cannot have growth without taking care of our environment.

Significantly higher precision and high speed of our leak detection products means shorter time for potentially hazardous leaks.