ELIS Technologies brings geomembrane sensors and drones to the first online IFAT impact Business Summit

Munich, Germany – Between the 8th and 10th of September, Elis Technologies Ltd will be showcasing autonomous industrial drone solutions and other products at online IFAT impact Business Summit – the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, and raw materials management.

If you want to be a part of this presentation, and see us online, please register here: REGISTRATION

In response to the challenges presented by Covid-19, the organizers have decided that this year the event will be held online. Through its B2B matching platform for one-on-one meetings, IFAT offers a digital path to showcasing our innovative technology solutions to the global community.

Compared to other market leaders in geomembrane leak monitoring, ELIS’s 3D GPS eMapping technology offers advanced precision and automation. ELIS sensors and drones reduce costs for checks that would otherwise have to be painstakingly performed by highly trained professionals.

“ELIS sensors are up to 100 times more precise than previously available technology, reducing both the potential for human error as well as environmental impact,” said Tomas Gregor, Chief Technology Officer of ELIS Technologies Ltd.

“We work with blue-chip clients from all over the world, including Marius Pedersen, Teva Pharmaceuticals, STRABAG International, and many others. And due to rising demand, ELIS Technologies will be attending several other events in various continents this year.”

Notably, ELIS Technologies is also the first company to issue decentralised Ethereum-authenticated monitoring survey accreditations.

ELIS Technologies Ltd is an Ireland-based robotics and AI enterprise that develops drones and systems which integrate proprietary 3D GPS eMapping.

3D GPS eMapping autonomously navigates robots and drones during measurements, gathers spatial readings of electric field potentials as well as GPS coordinates. Data are then interpreted by a neuronal network and recorded on a public blockchain. This creates indisputable proof of measurement, parameters and outcomes.

Videos of our products: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDih8A9rMUz1poNy0tnwk6Q/videos

Michail Sapiro

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