We’ve been nominated for the ATLAS award!

We are happy to share that we have been nominated for the ATLAS Environmental Award in the category of Best Eco Startup.


The ATLAS Award aims to highlight outstanding startups for their contribution to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.

The awards are held by the VUB Bank, through the VUB Foundation. VUB is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., an Italian international banking group, Italy’s largest bank by total assets.

Why It Matters

The most prevalent source of water pollution is caused by tears in geomembranes, where dangerous liquids escape into the surrounding ecosystem and contaminate the soil.

Leak monitoring is often inadequate, as we have seen recently in the case of a disastrous leak at the old Piney Point phosphate mine in Florida, where millions of gallons of wastewater containing phosphorus and nitrogen are stored.

Geomembrane liners are specifically engineered to be high-strength and chemically resistant, including those used at the Piney Point reservoir, yet they remain susceptible to mechanical damage, especially during the installation process and use-related wear. Regular check-ups can help find potential issues before they become a problem.

What can we do to help?

ELIS Technologies Ltd presents a brand new environmentally-friendly solution that makes it possible to complete months of monitoring work within days. The fully-automated solution can operate in otherwise inaccessible areas, and locate 4x smaller leaks when compared to standard dipole methods.

Automating geomembrane leak detection results in tangible, beneficial results – not only for the environment, but also your company’s bottom line. Our robots and aquatic drones require zero or only a single technician per site, and can be monitored remotely with a full verifiable record of every single leak.




About ELIS Technologies Ltd:

ELIS Technologies Ltd is an Ireland-based robotics and AI enterprise that develops drones and systems which integrate proprietary 3D GPS eMapping.

3D GPS eMapping autonomously navigates robots and drones during measurements, gathers spatial readings of electric field potentials as well as GPS coordinates. Data are then interpreted by a neuronal network and recorded on a public blockchain. This creates indisputable proof of measurement, parameters and outcomes.



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