We are very excited to announce that eLagoon has been featured on TV

While it might seem self-evident that the best way to gain traction is by offering an amazing product, being featured in press and media helps to spread our message and news about our eco-friendly solutions to potential clients; we are grateful for every recognition.

As you guys know we’ve been hard at work over the past few months and a few weeks ago we were featured on TV. It was a great opportunity to showcase our flagship product – the eLagoon, as we delved into our project and discussed all the new things we have in store.

The eLagoon, featuring patent-pending 3D GPS e-Mapping technology, is a great way to combat preventable pollution from occurring by detecting potentially toxic leaks in water reservoirs across a wide variety of industries. Independent experts & our clients attest to the fact that eLagoon is groundbreaking and has variety of applications, not just in the CEE region, but all over the world. As is demonstrated by our recent work in Israel.

We scan and analyze if and where the toxic components are leaking. This is achieved by scanning the edges of the body of water, and enabling the eLagoon to chart a path so it is able to autonomously sail around this body of water using GPS with great accuracy within a set parameters. As the catamaran is sailing around a given path the instruments on board gather and analyze incoming data. This data is then transmitted to our center of operations where the data is processed further.

For a body of water, the size of 30,000 m2 it roughly takes 8 hours of work to gather and analyze the data completely. If it is a lagoon of 100,000 m2 this roughly takes 3 days. We elaborated how the catamaran frame has the ideal body for this application, it is stable and can carry the weight of the instruments, among other things we described how the device measures electric potential of the water. Our devices are made out of fiberglass to be resistant against toxic water and the propeller and machinery which drives the catamaran is manufactured in a way to prevent any damage by toxic water.

Finally, viewers also got a sneak peak of our other device which we are working on for use in different applications and industries such as landfills, mines and other industrial applications.

About ELIS Technologies Ltd:

ELIS Technologies Ltd is an Ireland-based robotics and AI enterprise that develops drones and systems which integrate proprietary 3D GPS eMapping.

3D GPS eMapping autonomously navigates robots and drones during measurements, gathers spatial readings of electric field potentials as well as GPS coordinates. Data are then interpreted by a neuronal network and recorded on a public blockchain. This creates indisputable proof of measurement, parameters and outcomes.



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