Watch the new ELIS TECH Documentary Film – HOW WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE

We are thrilled to have you here as we release our first documentary about the real-world
positive impact of our automated robots for geomembrane leak detection.

At ELIS, we believe above all in measurable results and empirical facts, which is why we
have included plenty of video footage of our hardware and drones. There is something really
special about being able to hold progress in your hands, as well as see it in action.


While recycling, lowering your personal carbon footprint, and adopting an eco-friendly philosophy is certainly a beautiful way of life – we believe that a disruptive industrial revolution is the only way to truly secure the existence of our children here on our lush, green planet.

Industrial contamination of soil and groundwater is a serious and growing problem that unfortunately cannot be solved with a change in individual lifestyles. Even environmental regulations have only a limited effect – often only serving as punishment after the irreversible damage is already done.

Our wildlife and global environment cannot save itself, and without much choice,ultimately relies on us to preserve its survival.

However, when we approach this issue with full honesty, we find that many industries can only be convinced to reduce environmental damage through powerful incentives. Fortunately, we have found the perfect solution.

It’s time to automate geomembrane leak detection.

By using automated robots to detect geomembrane leaks in pools, ponds, water resevoirs, and even toxic lagoons, ELISTECH identifies any potential risk to the surrounding ecology right away.

ELIS TECH robots result in such significant measurable reductions in human error, expenses and insurance premiums, that enterprises which perform manual leak detection via technicians alone are bound to fall behind eventually – both morally and economically.

There is literally no reason to perform such tasks manually when lives are at stake.

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Zuzana Gregorová

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