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It’s been a very exciting time for us the past few months! We are happy to report that the public interest in ELIS’s products has been rapidly climbing.

Industrial automation on a large scale is necessary to achieve sustainability

Industrial pollution and climate change coupled with environmental degradation is impacting our communities in a variety of negative ways incl. threats to the essential ingredients of good health such as clean air, safe drinking water, and food supply.

At ELIS, we believe that companies like ours can help accelerate the green transition and create a more prosperous future for all. Examining the integrity of geomembranes presents a massive challenge across a wide range of industries. As a result of industrial activities such as mining and oil extraction, geomembranes used in the process can weaken and rupture causing hazardous chemicals to precipitate in the water supply system which can have a severe impact on the environment.

According to European Commission, climate change and industrial pollution are existential threats to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, EU will provide at least €100 billion over the period 2021-2027 to support environmentally-friendly technologies and fuel innovation. This is great news for ELIS as we are at the forefront of green innovation and many of our clients are expected to receive some form of subsidy to help them cover for our services. 

All-in-one solution for leak detection offering unparalleled transparency and efficiency

In 2019, ELIS Technologies Ltd introduced the first completely automated system for geomembrane leak detection & monitoring, and launched 3D GPS eMapping® for commercial use. 3D GPS eMapping® enhances the accuracy of measurements through the use of drones, GPS mapping and AI interpretation algorithms.

Technological change has had a profound impact on the manufacturing industry and related business sectors. We firmly believe that implementing new technologies early in the process is an important element to long-term prosperity. Hype around blockchain has been unlike that of any other technologies since the internet was first developed, our engineering team knew that we could gain a competitive advantage through implementation of blockchain if done effectively.

ELIS Platform has been developed from the ground up with ‘Blockchain’ in mind. We have taken a decision to radically enhance the compliance standards in our industry by issuing monitoring survey certificates whose authenticity can be verified through the Ethereum Blockchain, providing unparalleled levels of data validity and security.

Furthermore, the business model of ELIS is based on the provision of services to clients (Hardware-as-a-Service). All hardware devices (drones incl. eRover, eLagoon, eRaptor) remain the property of ELIS Technologies Ltd. To use the hardware, the client must use the ELIS Platform and possess ELIS (XLS) token which is the main medium of payment within the platform.

Official details of the ELIS (XLS) smart-contract:

Name: ELIS

Symbol: XLS

Contract address: 0x6c862f803fF42A97D4A483AB761256ad8c90f4F8

or direct link


Until now you could only purchase XLS directly from ELIS Technologies Ltd, but soon it will be possible to trade it on a major decentralized exchange with a follow-up listing several weeks later on an exclusive and widely recognised Tier 1 exchange, this will be followed up with an additional Tier 1 listing early next year.

Stay tuned on our social media channels, LinkedIn, and Facebook to expect more exciting updates from us!

About ELIS Technologies Ltd:

ELIS Technologies Ltd is an Ireland-based robotics and AI enterprise that develops drones and systems which integrate proprietary 3D GPS eMapping. 3D GPS eMapping autonomously navigates robots and drones during measurements, gathers spatial readings of electric field potentials as well as GPS coordinates. Data is then interpreted by a neuronal network and recorded on a public blockchain. This creates indisputable proof of measurement, parameters and outcomes.



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