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Innovations by ELIS

Our pioneering technology is FAST and enables most of our clients to complete months worth of work within several days. Our DRONES can enter otherwise inaccessible areas, and locate smaller leaks that are up to four times smaller when compared to standard dipole methods. This REDUCES THE NUMBER OF REQUIRED PERSONNEL to only two technicians per site.

ELIS also issues PROOF-OF-SURVEY CERTIFICATES – reducing any regulatory risks and insurance premiums.

Every step of the way is AUTOMATED, and our unique approach to volumetric GPS DATA and AI ANALYSIS provides the highest level of precision currently available

Months’ work done in days

ELIS leak detection systems are significantly faster and more efficient than any other standard leak detection survey methods. This results in both time and cost reduction for the client.


ELIS created a smart technological solution called 3D GPS eMapping – a patent pending, intelligent system of specially designed sensors. 3D GPS eMapping system autonomously navigates our drones during surveys, gathers spatial readings of the electric field potentials and GPS coordinates. Collected data is then interpreted by neuron network. Hash of the survey can also be recorded on Blockchain, thus providing immutable record of survey for any authorities. All our flagship products (eRover and eLagoon) have 3D GPS eMapping inside.

Risk reduction

Currently we are the only leak detection professionals on the market that can issue survey certificates the authenticity of which can be verified using Ethereum Blockchain.

We cannot have growth without taking care of our environment.

eLagoon and eRover, developed by ELIS Technologies, are pioneering tools in the realm of environmental protection and aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. These advanced technologies facilitate the detection of leaks in geomembrane liners, which are critical in preventing harmful substances from contaminating the environment. This capability is essential for industries such as mining, waste management, and water conservation, where the integrity of containment systems directly impacts ecological and community health.

Together, these technologies demonstrate ELIS Technologies’ commitment to innovation in environmental protection. By enabling more efficient and precise leak detection, eLagoon and eRover help companies enhance their ESG profiles, foster regulatory compliance, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future.

ELIS services

Our customers include leading industry players that operate in MINING, WASTE and WATER MANAGEMENT. ELIS solutions are widely used at all stages of a project.

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